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Blogging as a Your's Career, Starting a Blog in 2020,

Blogging as a Your's Career, Starting a Blog in 2020,

Blogging started when the first child posted their post on the tax board.

Is blogging a good career, blogger career opportunities,

Blogging History:

This story must highlight the reality of the blog, not the blog itself.

My dad the story of his childhood. One day when he arrived at school, he saw another board with a notice board.
After the parade started, the class teacher told all the children that this new board is a tax board. You can write your poems, good stories, jokes, etc. on this board.
After lunchtime, you will be given an extra 20 minutes. So you can read the writing on it.
The person whose writing is most liked will also be rewarded.
There was a lot of writing on the text board on the due date. And the crowd was trying to read it.
I also tried to read, but couldn't read because of being small. Because of the elder children, I could not see the writing going forward.

Even after the closed school, enough children were standing near the text board. With enough difficulty, I read some posts and headed back home.
These problems were also assessed by the school administration. So the school administration tried to publish the book in its limited resources.
And keep it priced so that every child can easily buy their own pocket money. The sale of the book was higher than expected.
The management was understanding that the book's sales would not be more than two hundred or two hundred fifty. But the stock ended on the first day.
The parents of the children insisted that more books be printed. After all, the book's print had exceeded ten thousand.
A small town in which not even ten thousand people lived and 40% of the town's children attend school.
Surprisingly, a year after this school, fifty thousand books came to market. Each child wished to post something in their school book.
And school administrators also began to add poems and jokes to the book, So that more material is available in the book.
After the publication, his parents proudly gifted the book to their loved ones, Because some of the posts in this book had their baby's name written on them. 
That's when the computer wasn't even invented. And there was the rule of books, Newspapers, and magazines in the world.
But with the advent of computers and the Internet, a new concept of blogging came into being, In this way, our writing and ideas began to reach the corners of the globe in a very short time.
We know that newspapers and magazines were confined to different areas, and they had to spend a certain amount of money to get it.
The internet offers unlimited areas and free-of-cost services, So we can say that!

Blogging started when the first child posted their post on the tax board.

How do blogging?

First, you decide what you want to write, then move your thoughts on paper.
Use the best words to solidify your ideas, but avoid using difficult and dictionary words. 
Writing is easy to understand, and those who understand another language can easily translate it.
This means that if your post is put on a Google translator, they can easily transfer it to another language. because it has been seen that the translator is not able to easily translate every word.

 What to Write in a Blog.

A lot of people ask if I want to start blogging. But what do I write? My answer is that you write a Unique Article.
But if you search for websites, there are thousands of articles on each topic. It gets annoying for every new writer to see what kind of topic he chooses.
My advice is to comment on different articles. Explain its advantages and disadvantages. and give different feedback to improve it.
That way if you select 50 topics. You'll have fifty articles available to write.

If you like our story, or if you feel there is something wrong with it. please indicate in the comments box. So that we can fix this error as soon as possible, we look forward to hearing from you.

2_Do, not Copy-Paste.

Copy-paste is used to try to steal an article. But if you are writing your article on an app.
And copy it from your blog, So this is not a bad thing. Some people write on Google Translator, Compose your thoughts faster using the Google Translator Voice option.
That way even if they are busy with another job, So without a pencil & paper, you can easily write down an entire article or piece of article. This application also provides them with this feature. That can easily transfer your thoughts and articles to another language.
In this way, even a less well-educated person can write an excellent essay. Mistakes can be easily remedied and paper costs saved as well.
Even in low light, Uneven places, and travels there is no problem writing articles. And in addition to that, it can be transferred to Blog, WordPress, or any other application using the Sanding option.
Pieces of your ideas can be gathered together, and can easily be formatted as an article.

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