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How are Benefits, Short Message Service Marketing

How are Benefits, Short Message Service Marketing
How are Benefits, Short Message Service Marketing

When a person can make money by misusing mobile messaging, why can't we make money by using it properly?
So you have to think like me.

One time the message came to me by the name of a girl. The message was written like this. My name is Dairy. I'm talking outside a hospital ICU.

My father has an accident, he is currently in the ICU۔ Are in the struggle for death and life. My mobile does not have enough balance. So, I can notify my family.

There was a little balance from which I messaged a few people, including you. Please send me a balance of 20 rupees. You will be very kind to me.

But surprisingly, the number from which this message came from. That was my old friend's number. Because the number was saved, it became a show.

I called this number in panic. But that number was going off. I tried several times but the result was zero.

So, I thought, to know his home and his father's well-being. His father came out when the doorbell rang.

I introduced myself to him and told him that I am an old friend of the soil. He said that the soil has gone from essential work to market.

He will be back shortly, You can wait for it at our house. And they took me to their drawing room and sat me down.

I asked him if Khawar was not using his old mobile number. His father said his old number was lost somewhere. So he took the new one.

I did not mention this message from his father. Which came from his old number.
Sometime later, when Khawar came home, he was very happy to see me. Then we both walked to a restaurant.

After talking for a while, I asked about the old mobile number. He told me that, I had lost that number.

I asked him if he had blocked his old mobile number?

He said that there is no need for it. Due to the lack of balance in the SIM, the SIM will be blocked automatically.

Having said that, he went to the washroom. I immediately wrote a message to his old number. I know you are not a girl but a boy.

And that's how you defraud people. If you do not stop your fraud, I will give your number, name, and address to the police.

When he returned from the washroom a few days later, he looked a little upset. When I asked him why he was upset, he did not answer.  

I put a text message on my mobile in front of him. He was shocked to see the message on my mobile. 
I asked him why and how long you have been doing this, "It's a small business," he said From which I earn two hundred to three hundred rupees a day. I send this message to thousands of people every day.

Some of which are replies, They think I'm really a girl and I'm in trouble, and some people even help me to have an affair.

But if anyone calls my number, he will get this number blocked. I told him that, this act of yours is a sin and the money earned from it is haram.

He promised me and I sat with him for a while and came back home.
You must be thinking like me When a person can make money by misusing mobile messaging.

So why don't we use it properly, Let's take a look at the features of this mobile SMS?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a cheap and easy online marketing technique That includes SMS and MMS, social media, Or access to your smartphones, via mobile applications and simple GSM mobiles can be contacted.

Or other specific devices to reach the audience. Mobile marketing can provide users with time, location-sensitive, personal, and business information.

Which promotes different and essential goods, services, appointments, reminders, and ideas.

Direct text marketing

SMS is an easy marketing format. It uses a medium. Which can include text messaging on a mobile device?

And this can be done from any mobile phone or by using an SMS aggregator and distributor online extensively.

Some businesses provide services for this job which includes creating the best messages intended to be sent by a business person to a customer.

It's been a long time since direct text marketing started under mobile marketing, In addition to the media included in the marketing messages, Messages sent through mobile applications are now included.

Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging is one such platform. Which has a large number of messaging options? 
A large number of SMS messages can be easily delivered to mobile phone terminals.

It is being used by media companies, businesses, and banks (marketing and fraud control), and is used by customers for different purposes and services.

Which includes entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, and greetings.

It is also used for information and communication between both staff and users.

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