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Dietary fiber: Why you eat it - find it personality

Dietary fiber Why you eat it - find it personality
Dietary fiber Why you eat it - find its personality

Dietary Fiber 

This question must have come to your mind, so the answer to this question is that dietary fiber is an important component of a healthy diet.

It is a mixture of indigestible ingredients because its ingredients do not provide any energy to our body, but its only job is to build waste by staying in our food.

Now the second question arises, why should we include it in our diet when it cannot provide us with any energy.

So the answer is that not including it in our diet can lead to many complex diseases.

This article will also discuss the diseases that are caused by the lack of dietary fiber in the diet.

If it is included in our diet, it keeps our digestive system active and regulates bowel movements.

As a result, food produces large amounts of waste, which is necessary to keep the entire digestive system active.

Dietary fiber is a mixture of natural ingredients, derived from the fruits, vegetables, and green leaves of many plants.

Its presence in the diet does not allow cholesterol levels to rise, which has the advantage that blood vessels do not harden.

And the heart performs its function without interruption, protecting the heart from heart diseases like heart attack and other diseases.

Soluble Fiber

It is a type of fiber that dissolves easily in water, Which forms a jelly-like substance.

Which is capable of producing bulk, and this fiber improves the process of digestion, and helps balance blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels.

Soluble fiber is also a type of fiber, a common example of which is pulses. Which are especially rich in soluble fiber.

Daily Dietary Fiber Requirement 

Our daily diet should include high amounts of dietary fiber.

It must be at least 25 to 30 grams in your diet.

The more fiber you add to your diet, the better.

For a healthy person, both men and women need to consume up to 30 grams of dietary fiber daily.

Older men, on the other hand, must eat at least 40 to 45 grams of fiber a day, so that their digestive systems can function properly.

While women make part of their food at least 38 to 40 grams of fiber in the day.

If you are obese and want to lose weight, So you increase the amount of fiber in your diet and add such food to your diet, which is more of fiber quantity.

The Sources of Natural Dietary Fiber

The plant body is a useful source of fiber for us, we have a variety of plants available, Which can be used in many delicious dishes throughout the year.

The following are some of the many sources of natural dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber fruits

  1. pear
  2. pomegranate
  3. Apple
  4. Blackberry
  5. banana
  6. Dried figs
  7. Avocado

Dietary fiber vegetables

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Spinach
  3. Broccoli
  4. Potatoes

Dietary fiber beans

  1. pea
  2. Corn
  3. Beans

Apart from this, there are many nutrients, which contain multi-quantity of fiber.

Benefits of nutrition fiber for the body

  • Here we will mention the benefits that you get from dietary fiber.
  • This seemingly insignificant thing is very important for our system.
  • It flushes toxins out of the body.
  • Dietary fiber is very important for better bowel function.
  • Our diet must contain large amounts of dietary fiber to keep the intestines active.
  • Lack of dietary fiber in the diet causes constipation.
  • Bowel cancer is caused by a lack of fiber in the diet, If you have enough fiber in your diet, you cannot get colon cancer.
  • Fiber is also very important for the prevention of diabetes, This is because it absorbs excess water-soluble sugars.
  • It can control cholesterol levels.
  • The presence of fiber in the diet reduces acidity.
  • All the small and big diseases of the heart can be saved.

In addition to the aforementioned diseases, many other ailments can be prevented by using dietary fiber.

If your cholesterol level is high, you need to consume large amounts of dietary fiber regularly to lower it.

This process will protect you from many types of cancer and other diseases.

Recent research suggests That can reduce the risk of stroke, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

So far we have tried our best to give you all the details about the properties, benefits, and importance of dietary fiber in preventing disease.

Now it's up to you, How much do you want to benefit from it?

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